The Race - Explained

Destination of the competing teams: Trat / Koh Chang in the east of Thailand.

Tasks to accomplish during the race:

  • Go to Wat Bangbao on Koh Chang and get a lucky charm from a monk. This is to protect you during the Thai adventure.
  • Visit the fisherman village of Bangbao/ buy fish in the local market and ask a local to prepare it for you
  • Visit the Nam Tok Khlong Phlu waterfall on Koh Chang
  • Stop at one of the most beautiful view points on Koh Chang (white sand beach) and get a stranger to take a selfie with you
  • Treat yourself to a Thai massage
  • Visit the Ban Kwan Chang elephant camp and find out about the Thai elephants
  • Visit Mr. Ann at the Lazy Day on Koh Mak and find out about the history of the place 
  • Head back to mainland and visit Baan Nam Chiew Village - buy a hat that represents you and personalize it. Extra points if you try to make a hat yourself!
  • Head to Nam Phliu waterfall - you can take a dip to cool off
  • Head to Chanthaburi and look for the Nang Praya view point - draw a small picture of the view and show it to the world! 
  • Visit the turtle sanctuary at Koh Man Nai island (Rayong)
  • Wake up in the morning and give alms to the monks in a location of your choice
  • Send us a postcard from Thailand

Collecting points for your team:

  • Fulfiling each of the above tasks will bring you 15 points. Making a hat at the Baan Nam Chiew Village will bring you an extra 10 points!
  • End point of the race will be at hotel Sukosol Bangkok. Teams should reach the end point before 18:30 on the 31st October.
  • For every 5 means of transportation used, the teams will receive 10 points. 
  • For each picture of a Thai smile posted on the teams’ web page, the team will receive 5 points.
  • For detours from the original route map the teams will receive 10 points, provided that they make the detour to visit a traditional village, viewpoint or temple/ sight. Every detour has to be posted on the race webpage (picture & name of the location). 

    What can get you additional points? 
  • Cooking with a local 'chef' – 10 points
  • Visiting a local market & buying fruit (4-5 different sorts) – 10 points
  • Learn how to write your name in Thai – 10 points 
  • Teach a local how to say 'Good day' and 'Thank you' in your language and learn how to say the same in Thai – 10 points

For the above you will need to submit a short video!


The tasks should be accomplished before arriving at the endpoint in Bangkok. Any tasks that you might accomplish after reaching the end point will not be considered when calculating the total points and determining the winning team!
Teams will not be able to post any materials on the platform after 18:30 Bangkok time on the 31st of October.