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Denitsa Boyadzhieva & Dimiter Todorov - Domosed
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Saying Goodbye Thailand & See you soon

31.10.2016 23:58:00

Our real, vivid, splendid, spectacular, adventourous, stunning Thailand race and trip is coming to an end...

Time to say "Goodbye and don't cry for us, Thailand" as you have a big place in our heart forever.


Dolphins "Goodbye"


Urban Creature

31.10.2016 00:00:00

And then we met this guy in town to bid us farewell

Urban SE Asian Fuison cuisine

31.10.2016 00:00:00

Thailand is in many ways a regional leader of fashion and fusion. On our last day we did not miss out on Vietnamese fresh springrolls, Malaysian seafood laksa, Japanese sushi, Chinese oolong tea and ... Italian espresso in a cutting edge design urban eatery

Giving alms to monks @ Wat Klang, Chanthaburi

30.10.2016 06:14:00

(Selfies not appropriate)

Thai Smiles

30.10.2016 00:00:00

Thai Smiles from the playground

30.10.2016 00:00:00

Nang Phaya view point seen from BG Team perspective

29.10.2016 17:36:00

A view for a million

Where we saw a million times of hope for internal love


Ta-da, our drawing :) BG + RO = GL (great love) in amazing Thailand

Big Fish @ Kung Kraben Aquarium

29.10.2016 15:51:00

Fish @ Kung Kraben Aquarium (detour)

29.10.2016 15:47:00

Just when we though we saw everything from the submarine world, we got into the Kung Kraben Aquarium which also happen to be for free 

Wat Khao Laem Sing (detour)

29.10.2016 14:35:00

The may have seen many wats but each one has its own charachter

Seriously authentic fishing village @ Laem Sing (detour)

29.10.2016 14:16:00

Just graduated Thai smile

29.10.2016 14:09:00

Viewpoint of PakNam Khaem Nu Bridge ( detour)

29.10.2016 13:42:00

Here on the road in the coastline of  Chanthaburi under the bridge of PakNam Khaem Nu, there is hidden another view to the sea 


Swimming with the dolphins @Oasis Sea World

29.10.2016 12:41:00

How often dreams come true? It is hard to say but one is certain - in Thailand a dearest dream - to swim with dolphins came true! To feel the gentle skin of the dolphin, to be left to thier strong body to float you through the waters, to be in contact with such a wise creature - it's indeed an experience of a lifetime that will always remain.

Treating and feeding dolphins so to become a real friend with them


...and to recieve that precious kiss...


We are in such a close contact and communication with the dolphins like friends playing around

and like meeting with a close friend for a chat

Dolphins show@Oasis Sea World, Laem Sing District ( detour)

29.10.2016 12:00:00

When was the last time when you saw a dolphin show? It is not a show you can go each day unless you live in Laem Sing District in Thailand . As if you were living around, we'd assure you'd be visiting the funny dolphin show each single day 


you'd be that close to the dolphins..

Thai smile @ Nam Phliu waterfall

29.10.2016 10:22:00

Shy Thai smile @ Nam Phliu waterfall

29.10.2016 10:18:00

Attacking fish squad @ Nam Phliu waterfall

29.10.2016 10:08:00

Under a fish attack @ Nam Phliu waterfall

29.10.2016 10:06:00

Nam Phliu waterfall live!

29.10.2016 10:00:00

Nam Phliu waterfall is easy to reach as walking on paved road for 10-15 mins though in a splendid National Park of Chantaburi region. It was full with surpises as it's full with fish...tons of fish. This would have been fisherman's heaven if it wasn't a national park to restric the fishing ;)

Khom Bang @ Nam Phliu waterfall

29.10.2016 09:40:00

Posting the postcard

29.10.2016 08:00:00

Thai Smiles

29.10.2016 00:00:00

Thai Smiles with a husky owner

29.10.2016 00:00:00

Paying respect to King Teksin's monument in Chanthaburi (detour)

28.10.2016 18:33:00

At dusk under awe inspiring elements

Rastafarian Wat (just kidding)

28.10.2016 17:29:00


Buddhist Wat Bot Muang, Chanthaburi (detour)

28.10.2016 16:54:00

We straw through the streets of Chanthaburi to reveal its hidden amazing wats

Roman Catholic Wat Chanthaburi (detour)

28.10.2016 15:18:00

Our tour in Chantanburi started with the Roman Catholic Wat which was another surprise on the top of the Russian Orthodox Church in Koh Chang

Motorcycle taxi in Chanthaburi

28.10.2016 15:00:00

A helmet is a must. Even if made of grass 

Heading to Chanthaburi by bus

28.10.2016 13:39:00

Thai smile with our nice driver

28.10.2016 13:04:00

The hat makers' neighbour gives us a ride to Trat

28.10.2016 13:00:00

As already said, the locals in Baan Nam Chiew Village are so friendly that they gave us a ride to the Trat bus station

Thai smiles with the kids

28.10.2016 13:00:00

Thai smile from the Lady with the Hat

28.10.2016 12:07:00

Hat sewing in Baan Nam Chiew Village

28.10.2016 11:00:00

We are so happy we had this task as this cute village deserves to be promoted more and be visited so to experienced the lively and honest people who creat so interesting hats from scratches

 Sure we did sew a hat


Though obviously for a girl it will be more challenging not to suit but to pick up a hat out of such an amazing variety

Eventually the one and only was found :)


Man rarely have such a big struggle of picking up the one :)

Ferry and taxi back to the mainland

28.10.2016 08:00:00

Heading back to the mainland by ferry though swimming is also possible if you feel fit enough to swim the 1- hour ferry ride


Signs in Thailand are well translated to Bulgarian so we can never get lost in translation :)Romanian translation is :-)


And then taking a tradinional Thai taxi 

Thai Smiles

28.10.2016 00:00:00

Thai Smiles

28.10.2016 00:00:00

Thai smile at dinner

27.10.2016 20:41:00

On menu tonight - fresh Barracuda

Thai smiles from the guitarists

27.10.2016 16:27:00

Devine beach line of Koh Wai Island ( detour)

27.10.2016 15:10:00

It seems like a dream when we saw the devine beach line of Koh Wai Island! It is no joke we are in paradise :)

We were offered another round of snorkelling that we couldn't resist but to see what is hidden underneath

Thai smile

27.10.2016 14:00:00

Beaching on Ko Rang Island ( detour)

27.10.2016 12:00:00

As Ko Rang Island is part of Mu Koh Chang National park, the island has a cristal clear water, white sand beach and it is not inhabited 

Thai smiles on the boat

27.10.2016 11:00:00

Snorkelling @ Koh Mapring island (detour)

27.10.2016 10:40:00

We first did snorkelling around Koh Mapring which is approximately an hour boat ride from Koh Chang. There are no words to describe the seaworld beauty and variety of fish but to experience it.





And don't worry if you don't feel comfortable swimming - there are the nicest boat crew that will help you and will follow you all the time in the sea so to feel safe and secured


Offering a hat to Thailand's natural beauty

27.10.2016 09:11:00

Our second day on Koh Chang Island started with a boat ride. I'd just bought a fancy hat to suit my boat trip and shooting a video explaining where we are heading to when.....

...my hat flew away. This was the shortest hat I ever had in my life :) 

Thai Smiles

27.10.2016 00:00:00

Thai Smiles

27.10.2016 00:00:00

Thai smile with our masseuse

26.10.2016 21:08:00

Thai smile with the safeguard @Klong Plue Waterfall

26.10.2016 17:20:00

Klong Plue Waterfall @ Koh Chang

26.10.2016 16:29:00

The first full day at the island was full with emotions and truely interesting places and adventures,  the weather was also adventurous as going from sun to pour rain in no time. We responded back by throwing ourselves into the lavish waters of Klong Plue Waterfall at the end of the day and guess who got on track with us - the Romanian team :) 





Fresh water turtle sighting

26.10.2016 15:30:00

On the way to the Nam Tok Khlong Phlu waterfall we encountered  a turtle in thier natural habitat . Swimming with him/her was an experience from another level :)

Chao Por Koh Chang Shrine

26.10.2016 14:29:00

Writing the name of Dimiter happened to be on the same day of his Name Day :) That will bring twice more luck to him 

Chao Por Koh Chang Shrine (Detour)

26.10.2016 14:28:00

Just in the North of the Koh Chang island there is another splendid temple. Writing our names on the back of the Dragon's skale is a sign of good luck. One day they will pick all the skales and "dress up " a dragon statue if a new temple that is to be built somewhere around Thailand.


Than Mayon Waterfall, Koh Chang ( Detour)

26.10.2016 13:00:00

It seems we were one of the very few people daring to cross the roaring waters of Than Mayon Waterfall. It feels like we had a prive waterfall of such beauty

River crossing adventure @ Than Mayon Waterfall

26.10.2016 12:53:00

Buddha and The Cat @ Wat Salak Phet

26.10.2016 12:30:00

Exploring Wat Salak Phet under raining cats and dogs

26.10.2016 12:27:00

Even under the rain the Wat Salak Phet shines in bright colours like a real pearl.

Hitch-hiking a cargo motorbike under raining cats and dogs on Koh Chang

26.10.2016 12:09:00

Actually it was a real fun and refreshing to have a shower :)

Traditional Fishing boat pier, Koh Chang ( Detour)

26.10.2016 12:00:00

This is a cosy Thai style pier on the south east part of Koh Chang - on Tambon Koh Chang Tai, Amphoe Ko Chang. As it is on a coastal bay looking towards 2 islands - Phrao Nai Island and Ko Phrao Nok the view is surreal and devine even on a rainy day. Needless to say, there is  Homestay of Ban Sommai Salakpetch if you wish to have a local experience.

Viewpoint #2 - Long Beach @ Koh Chang

26.10.2016 11:41:00

The view towards Long Beach @ Koh Chang is another piece of heaven

It's also appreciated by dog and his owner. We didn't want to disturb thier tranquility so we dicides not to bother them with taking a selfie. 

Jungle crossing adventure near Elephants Camp

26.10.2016 10:00:00

Ban Kwan Chang Elephant camp

26.10.2016 09:53:00

As "CHANG" in Thai means Elephant, there is no way but to visit the Elephant Camp on Koh Chang Island.

If you wish to ride an elephant, there is comfortable platform for that:

 Still if you find it more proper and elephant friendly you can just fondle them. Despite thier size, they are so gentle and wise.

The couple came several days to caress for thier favourite elephant. The photos of thier close connection speaks on thier own 

Russian Orthodox Wat (detour)

26.10.2016 09:32:00

It comes as a huge surpise to encounter an Orthodox Christian Church on the way to the Elephant Camp @ Koh Chang Islands. it is just another proof that all religions can live in peace.

On the way to the Elephant Camp

26.10.2016 09:27:00

On our first morning on Koh Chang Island we hit the road to go the the Elephant camp

Writing a postcard and signing our names in Thai. Thai people managed to read them. Dimiter

26.10.2016 09:05:00

Viewpoint Kae Bai Beach @ Koh Chang ( detour)

26.10.2016 09:00:00

The first view pointed at koh Chang we were luck to admire was towards Kae Bai Beach. From this point you can enjoy the Koh Man Nai and Koh Man Nok islands 


We were so amazed that we bought a postcard so send it to TAT office in Romania and to share the splendid view. 

Thai smile

26.10.2016 09:00:00

Smiling as we asked to help us writing our names in Thai

Thai smile from the Coconut Lady

26.10.2016 00:00:00

Thai Smiles from the smothie bar

26.10.2016 00:00:00

Thai Smiles from a Wat

26.10.2016 00:00:00

The Thai fish cooking epic @ Bang Bao

25.10.2016 20:00:00

In Bang Bao on Koh Chang Island the fishing village is a must as you would chose the fish and let you witness cooking it for you - this is a recipe for a delicious meal :)

Fish cooking at Bangbao

25.10.2016 19:59:00

The fishing village of Bangbao is a spot where you can select fresh fish of your choice and watch it being cooked. We got ours on barbeque with Thai veggies.

Fruit shopping

25.10.2016 18:00:00

Fruit shopping

25.10.2016 18:00:00

On our botique plane the day before we had an hint what local fruit we shall try

Hence we bought all of them to taste them

Thai Smile at lunch

25.10.2016 16:08:00

Thai smile

25.10.2016 16:00:00

Even working hard, Thai people smile widely and sencerely.

Thai massage

25.10.2016 15:00:00

There is no better way to treat yourself after a long travel days but to enjoy a relaxing Thail massage with aroma. Especially when it is just on the sea side feels like being in heaven.

And a ferry to the Koh Chang Island

25.10.2016 11:20:00

Because we are the amazing Thailand racers from Bulgaria & Romania

25.10.2016 10:25:00

And Trat has not only boutique airplanes but also the airport itself 

Trains at Trat Airport/ Увеселително влакче вместо автобус

25.10.2016 10:20:00

Oh yes,  we were picked up from the plane with a train instead of the ordinary bus transfer

Planespotters @Trat airport

25.10.2016 10:10:00

Thai Boutique Planes are fun

25.10.2016 10:00:00

As it seems domestic planes in Thailand are real fun 

Boutique Plane to Trat

25.10.2016 09:00:00

Sure it was a boutique plane to Trat 

Domosed & Deni Bo star(t) the Thailand Race

25.10.2016 08:25:00

Thailand Race had just started as we are departing from Bangkok Airport.  What a start - we have been greated from tons of journalists. Wish us luck and follow our track :)!!!! 

Tasks Report

25.10.2016 00:00:00

The tasks accomplished by Team BG

  • Go to Wat Bangbao on Koh Chang and get a lucky charm from a monk.

Wat Bangbao visited at a dusk when monks weren't there.  For the case of good luck we wrote our names on the back of the ceramic scales of the Dragon being built in the Chinese temple of Chao Por Koh Chang Shrine on the same island of Koh Chang

  • Visit the fisherman village of Bangbao/ buy fish in the local market and ask a local to prepare it for you

Done. Twice. First in Bang Bao (barbecued Thai Fish) and then at Lonely beach (fried baracuda with garlic) Two out of many culinary highlights!

  • Visit the Nam Tok Khlong Phlu waterfall on Koh Chang

Done. Bumped into some Romanians there. Visited 2 more of another spectacular waterfalls on Koh Chang - Than Ma Yom and the one behind the Russian Orthodox church, suggested by the priest (detour x2)

  • Stop at one of the most beautiful view points on Koh Chang (white sand beach) and get a stranger to take a selfie with you

Done. Selfies with locals and strangers taken all over the place. Multiple nice beach views recorded on Koh Chang.

  • Treat yourself to a Thai massage

Done. Task performed at least half a dozen times. Each.

  • Visit the Ban Kwan Chang elephant camp and find out about the Thai elephants


  • Visit Mr. Ann at the Lazy Day on Koh Mak and find out about the history of the place

Koh Mak observed from a wooden boat. Instead - the marine national park around Ko Rung explored on foot and snorkelling. At least 4 extra islands visited, including Ko Wai (detour x 4)

  • Head back to mainland and visit Baan Nam Chiew Village - buy a hat that represents you and personalize it. Extra points if you try to make a hat yourself!

Done. Both the making and the buying

  • Head to Nam Phliu waterfall - you can take a dip to cool off

Done. Selfies with fishes in their habitat taken 

  • Head to Chanthaburi and look for the Nang Praya view point and draw a small picture of the view and show it to the world!

Done. Town explored. Multiple wats, including a Roman Catholic one, explored (detour x ?) Scenic coastal area explored. Nang Praya view enjoyed. Lovers' padlocks galore. BG + RO = GL (great love)

  • Visit the turtle sanctuary at Koh Man Nai island (Rayong)

Fresh water turtles spotted and observed in their nature habitat on Koh Chang

  • Wake up in the morning and give alms to the monks in a location of your choice

Done. At War Klang, Chanthaburi

  • Send us a postcard from Thailand

Done. Names signed in Thai. Local people manage to read them right

  • For every 5 means of transportation used,

1. Plane
2. Minibus
3. Car ferry
4. Pick-up truck taxi
5. Wooden tourist carrier boat
6. Hitch-hiked cargo motorcycle
7. Funny ferry-to-parking opensided shuttle vehicle
8. Sedan car (courtsey the hat artisans)
9. Big intercity bus
10. Motorcycle taxi
11. etc, etc

  • For each picture of a Thai smile posted on the teams’ web page, the team will receive 5 points.

Busy posting them here and on other social media. Ref. Instagram #thethailandraceTeamBG

  • For detours from the original route map the teams will receive 10 points, provided that they make the detour to visit a traditional village, viewpoint or temple/ sight.

- 2 extra waterfalls on Koh Chang

- 1 extra Buddhist Wat (Koh Chang)

- 1 Chinese Wat (Koh Chang)

- 1 Russian Orthodox Wat (Koh Chang)

- 1 Roman Catholic Wat (Chanthaburi)

- Even more wats (Chanthaburi)

- 1 extra traditional fishing pier (Koh Chang)

- 1 monument to King Teksin (Chanthaburi)

- 4+ islands in Mu Koh Chang National Park

- view point of PakNam Khaem Nu Bridge

- Dolphinarium (Oasis Sea World, Laem Sing District)

- Aquarium (Kung Kraben)


  • Visiting a local market & buying fruit (4-5 different sorts) – 10 points

Done. Multiple times. Banana, pineapple, watermelon, mango, longan, coconut etc.

  • Learn how to write your name in Thai – 10 points


  • Teach a local how to say 'Good day' and 'Thank you' in your language and learn how to say the same in Thai – 10 points. For the above you will need to submit a short video!


Said view

24.10.2016 23:34:00

The Thailand Race meets Hollywood: Overtaking the Romanians in a fast&furious manner on our way to have a look at Bangkok from the Hangover 2 view point

24.10.2016 22:13:00

Sure! Welcome it is!

24.10.2016 18:00:00

Welcome to Thailand!

24.10.2016 15:20:00

Enthusiastic for travels and exploration, the
Land of Thailand
will be the adventure of a lifetime! To follow my passion, to seek for inspiration and to challenge myself with the unknown is my understanding of an adventure.

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